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[Chat(iOS)] Hunt Drops / Guild Hunts

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Posted on 2020-06-10 13:05:51 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello Players and Moderators,

Is it me or did the drops for monster hunts dramatically change and not in a beneficial way for the players?  The game after castle 25 is so expensive and increasingly so.  It impossible to make any substantial growth in the game in a reasonable amount of time with out spending large subs of money.  Right now world isn't really doing to well.

I say this because everytime players find something to make the game a little easier to navigate, IGG seems to change the rules to make it harder again.

For a little while now players have been combating the very low low drop rates for necessary high value items by creating guilds that just focus on hunting.   Now in order to hunt you still need stamina so that has to be purchased.  However, having these hunts with 150 members all of high game stats usually yielded alot of high value items in a short amount of time, which only cost you the price of stamina for 2 or 3 level 5 targets.  

Recently i have noticed that when doing these hunts, the rewards are significantly less for the monster drops during the hunt and the guild gift rewards.  Does IGG have to squeeze every dime out of its players? Are we allowed to have fund?  Have IGG posted the drop rates for monster hunts and guild gifts?  If these stats were all out in the open smart players can learn how to play the game and not go broke doing so keeping them around longer.   Can someone please help me with this topic.

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Posted on 2020-06-22 10:32:45 | Show thread starter's posts only

I'm not privy to the drop rate mechanics but one of us does know those details.

I'm not sure if she is allowed to release that information but let's see if she is able to weigh in on drop rates.

As for IGG squeezing every dime out of players, I would like to point out the game is free and spending money is entirely optional.

Doc ShreX
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