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[Guide Event] Think Tank - Castle protection for beginners

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We all know that Mobile Royale is a strategy game, with that being said, you have to me more startegic than the attacker or the defender.

Most of the newbies (or not) don't know what is going on when they see their screen red. When your screen is green, you are receiving supply from your guild mate, when it is blue, it means that you are receiving back ups from your guildmates and when it is red, this means that you are getting attacked.

How to defend yourself when you are a newbie and being attacked ?

There is many possibilities to defend yourself :

I) Shield : This is the most used defence to not get hit.
How to get a shield ?
A. You can get them on the crystal shop. There is many type of shield :
> -The 8 hours shield - 500 gems
-The 8 hours shield - 175 000 guild coins
> The 24 hours shield - 1 500 gems
> The 3 days shield - 5 000 gems
> The 7 days shield - 15 000 gems
> The 14 days shield - 37 500 gems
Shields are also given when you buy some packs, or when you open Guild Gifts.

II) If you can't get any shield, put your troops in the sanctuary. The sanctuary is a building where you can hide you troops for 1 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours or 12 hours.
How do hide my troops ? :
> Click on the sanctuary building
> Chose the time you want to hide your troops
> Select the troops you want to hide
> Confirm
Once you have done it, make sure you log in often to refresh it.

III) If you can not get a shield, and you have troops in the sanctuary, but you STILL have troops left on castle, set an 8 hours fake rally on a 'dead castle' very far from your current location.
How to set a rally (assembly) ? :
> Click on the castle you want to set
> Click on the 'Assembly' button
> Choose the time needed to hide
> Select your troops
> Confirm.

IV) Other way, you can hide some troops to your guildmate shielded castle as backup.


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