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[Guide Event] Think Tank - Starting the game

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Posted on 2019-01-26 18:08:20 | Show thread starter's posts only

You are new to this game and want to do a good start ? When new players are joining a game, they always get lost easily and start playing without knowing what they are doing.

Here, I will help you how to do a good start.
Once you have joined Mobile Royale, system gives you a 3 days shield. I highly recommend you to not drop it cause you have chances to get attacked. Better grow as much as you can during these 3 days. So the first thing to know, is to make sure that you are not dropping shield.
Then, it would be better for you to discover the game, the game tutorial will help you a lot.

Once you have discovered what kind of game Mobile Royale is, and you want to start growing, join a Guild FIRST. Guildmates can help you with resources, helps and a lot more.

Then, make sure you activate the 25% Hero Boost, it will help a lot to upgrade hero level. If you are growing but don't have a 25% hero boost yet, I recommend you to not collect the quests and collect them once you have and activate the 25% Hero Boost. The Hero boost will lasts 24 hours.

When you upgrade a Hero, it will give you some Talent Points, spend your talent points on
   - Economy Tree > Construction/Research speed.

When you are a new player, it is a bit hard to get materials, but by the time, when collecting gifts, rewards, opening chests, materials will come one by one. Check often if you can craft economy/research gear.

4 beginners advices :
   - Do not drop shield once you have joined Mobile Royale
   - Join a guild
   - Activate Hero Boost (25%)
   - Use Talent Points (on economy)
   - Craft economic gears

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