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[Guide Event] Think Tank - unveil your harvesting power

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We need you, yes YOU!!! a person who is playing this war game but like to sit nice and quiet farming and leveling up his city.
There comes a point that you feel like it is hard to get more resources, you either have to start attacking others or create multiple accounts and farm them to get the resources.But lets be honest who has so much time to play on 5 diffrent accounts??

So I decided to make a small guide with some basic tips and tricks on being a pro harvester/miner and to silence that little voice, who constatnly says in orc voice "not enough wood mylord", or in terran "we need more minerals".


the more you split the more you gather. For example it take 2 hours to gather 200k of resource with one army. That is terribly boring and long Split your army in half send both halves to same resource and it will take only 1 hour to gather those 200k. Split again to 4 marching armies and it will take about 30 mins to gather those 200k. I think you get a point. Furthermore splitting your army helps you keep it safer. You will not lose your entire harvesting army in one attack. enemy will have to search for you. Not to mention you gather more forging materials.
Tip: Try not use T3 troops for gathering those things are expensive if you lose them.
Tip#2 : dont harvest at night hide your troops in Sanctuary you can always recall once you log in.


These things help you out a lot for gathering maximized gathering speed makes you gather faster than you can recite your national hymn. up to 150 % gather speed. Crazy. But lets be honest using splitted army strategy is more effective. You already will have a lot of resources you will not be able to spend them as fast as you gather and I am talking using resources for diplomacy at same time. So if you are going full metal economy here best thing is to spend talents on construction and research.


Well here we get in some spending.... But not that much it will cost you around 1 espresso or 1/5 Doner, I am talking about beginner pack you can buy for under 1 euro. It is best deal ever. You unlock one of best things in Attelier: 20% crystals production per day. with totally not upgraded attelier you will get 600 Crystals per day with level 10 you are getting around 900. This game is marathon so getting those crystals producing as soon as you can can make you min 18000 Crystals per month.

TIP#3: get those alchemy villages it helps to get you more crystals per day investment

If you wanna go crazy full harvesting mode that  everyone would here your crazy lough coming down from mountais you have to conside choosing an Admin which increase your harvesting potential ( Saoirce unlocks faster harvesting at level 30), and choosing right equipment.

I hope you had fun reading this beginner guide to harvesting. :)

Posted on 2019-02-01 12:13:56 | Show thread starter's posts only

I always use T3 troops to harvest and I always harvest during night. Once you have alot of troops, your sanctuary cant hold them all. Thats why I put my troops to collect lvl 5 resources meanwhile I sleep. Its better to keep troops gathering resources, than sitting in your castle.

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