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[Guide Event] Think Tank - Mobile Royale [F2P Advanced Guide #2]

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Posted on 2019-02-02 18:46:03 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi all, hope you're having a great day! 
This is my 2nd guide in my F2P Advanced Guide series! Today I'm gonna be talking about what research you should be focusing on as a F2P player. Before I begin, I wanna say that I, myself, am a F2P player, so there's nothing that is boring or difficult to all F2P players that are gonna read this post, that I haven't been through or won't go through. With that being said, let's begin!

1) First focus should definitely be Troopers! I know that's not a surprise and that everyone sais the same thing, but that's for a reason. As a F2P player not having Troopers unlocked, you are an even easier threat for kills-seeking players that spend money. (Side note: Don't spend your Training Speedups until you unlock Troopers, because speeding up T2 or T1 troop's training is a mistake that F2P player can't afford! Spend your Training Speedups on Troopers!)

2) After you unlocked Troopers, you NEED to focus on the Admin tab in the Academy, because this game is VERY resource demanding and gathering is either not safe enough or enough in general for your needs, so you'll have to rely on resource production in the most cases, which is increased in the Admin tab! There's no room for mistakes in the F2P world and in the Admin tab, there's not more than one research you can do that's useless. The only useless research is Food Production and if you're a Lords Mobile player, you'd know why.

3) The next tab you should focus on is the Dwarven tab! It gives you Construction Speed researches, Atelier Deposit Increase, Construction Food/Stone/Wood Cost Decrease and Sanctuary Expansion. Those researches are really helpful for developing one hell of an account. Spending less resources on upgrading your buildings, having more troops safe 'n sound in the shelter and getting more gems from the Atelier is one hell of an offer that you shouldn't miss out on!

To sum it up, unlock Troopers and than research in the Admin tab or in the Dwarven tab, those researches are gonna make your future mistakes (everyone makes them) a lot less pain. Hope you all have enjoyed this guide. If you have the WeGamers app installed and if you wanna chat with me, give me guide ideas or just have a question related to Mobile Royale, my WeGamers ID is DA82745. Have a nice day!

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