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[Guide Event] Think Tank - f2p Wisdom on Getting to Troopers Fast

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Posted on 2019-02-14 00:25:32 | Show thread starter's posts only

I thought I'd offer some f2p wisdom on getting to c17 and t3 troops. We all know that the key to competing as a f2per is juicing every last second out of the timers and playing smarter than the blockheads with their mom's credit card numbers. The questions to ask yourself are: how do I make this construction/research shorter? How do I obtain more gems and speedups? Do I need to spend time on this item?
 The steps below should help you to prioritize your actions and also to mitigate mistakes that can and will happen on your path to the troopers.

1) put every talent point towards conctruction and research lvl 1 and lvl 2 (prioritize construction until c17 then use a talent reset to dump into research for the trooper research. 
2) make leader gear only have boosts on construction and research (if you do 1 and 2 correctly your city construction and research % should be over 100 In each category.) 
3) use merchant airship every 7 hours, often will have 3hr skips to stockpile.
4) don't use skips or gems until you've maxed the #of helps you can receive from the guild.
5) try to time when you finish construction/research for when the regular/hell events are as they will give you further skips and gems.
6) remember not to claim quest rewards until you have many saved. Then use a 25% experience boost and claim them all in one swoop. While being practical in and of itself, it really makes you feel great to obtain so many new things in one go. 

Other focuses might be making sure to use your stamina to hunt on a regular schedule or prioritizing hero development for those who boost construction and research. 

 Alrighty, let's get y'all to c17! Remember I only bought the 99cent pack and that was on the day I got my T3s, (you know, once I had proven to myself that I'd actually keep playing this game haha) so I did this without spending.
Good luck!

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