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[Guide Event] Think Tank - The importance of the guild

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Posted on 2019-02-22 03:29:22 | Show thread starter's posts only

Mobile royale is an online game so the social part is really important , especially because you can know people with whom to speak even outside the game

This is why guilds exist, joining a guild brings many benefits, we can attack monsters on the map, receive protection, participate in a chat, send resources to help and receive resources, receive gifts, bonuses and much more.
Every time you kill a monster the whole guild gets a gift pack for hunting, so understand well that in a large guild you can receive hundreds of gifts every day.
you get gift packages also for purchases in the shop and for events.
entering a guild you can get help and ask for help to build, research and speed up the trade.
help others is free , plus you will get points for a special shop with very interesting items, such as production bonus that can be activated every 24 hours at a very low cost and teleports for our castle.
it is also possible to use the guild's fortress to produce materials and recruit troops.
moreover the guild will be able to participate in the war of the strong ones, and conquering a fort will have a remarkable bonus for our armies

so do not wait and immediately join a guild.

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