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[Guide Event] Think Tank-Gear For New Players Below lvl 30

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Posted on 2019-02-23 00:20:59 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello everybody this is my first guide and i will be making more guides to help  everyone get stronger!. Lets get started:
For new players that are below level 30 what you want to do is focus on construction and research gear. I do not recommend war gear if you are not above level 30. You will grow faster and stronger if you make gear that will help you reduce the time of constructions and research!.
1- Weapon: i highly recommend Crescent Blade(again if you are below level 30) because it will give you some research speed as well as ranged atk and ranged defense!.
2- Helmet: Royal Guard Helm is a must! It gives very good construction speed, army max load and resource harvesting speed!! And all you need is level 10 to craft it!.
3-Armor: More good news to you guys! You can get Shadow Mantle  at level 10 too! And it gives you insane amount of research speed as well as ranged hp and ranged defense! So there you guys so far we have good constructions and research speed gear with some war boost here and there...
4-Legwear:  here i highly recommend Traveller's Tracks! Why?  Because it gives you an insane amount of construction speed combined with army max load and resource harvesting speed! So with this gear im telling you right now you will harvest tiles like a boss! And have some nice construction and research speed :)!.
5-Offhand: This is my favorite one for new players, the BoneCrusher!. Please listen to me and start crafting it, you only need level 1! It gives you a very nice construction speed and you won't need to craft anything else till you get to level 40.
6-Last but not least, the Accessories: Since this guide is about the best gear you can get for new players below level 30 that want to get a nice construction and research speed with some war buffs here in and there, i suggest you to craft the Fury Pendant! Available at level 20, it gives Infantry ATK, Cavalry ATK and Ranged ATK!. It is also the best accessory to hyper stone which im going to be making a guide about hyper resources!.
I cant send more than 5 pictures but you will find the equipment easily in-game.
Hope you guys enjoyed this guide, comment below if you like it and i will be making more soon!
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