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[Guide Event] Think Tank- Unlock T3 FAST

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Posted on 2019-02-24 20:00:49 | Show thread starter's posts only

If you want to get t3 in one week like me follow this tips:

1- Rush Castle 17: this will be your priority and everybody should be getting to castle 17 in their first week. Save all your speed ups and use them only to upgrade the castle faster. I recommend you to join to the best guild in your kingdom as soon as possible because you will get a lot of gifts, resources, speed ups, and help from your guild members to finish constructions and research faster.

2- Upgrade your Sage Tower to level 17: you will need it to research T3.  It will also give you 10% research speed. You should focus on Sage Tower as its one of the most important buildings in the game.

3-Focus ONLY on Warfare: If you want to get T3 in one week then you should only touch Warfare for now. Complete the requirements to get T2 with the minimum speed ups possible and then use all your speed ups to unlock T3.

4- Save your GEMS!!: you will get a lot of gems from quests, gifts, arena, events, campaign as a f2p and i recommend you to use them when you are unlocking the T3.

5- SAVE ALL YOUR TRAINING SPEED UPS!!!: I repeat Save ALL your training speed ups!! You will thank me later...t1 and t2 are not as important as T3!. Plus it takes a lot more time to train T3 than T2 and T1. Never use speed ups to train them.

6- GEAR: Last but not least guys the Gear! Make sure you read my previous guide as it will help you get the best equipment for your level and a lot of research speed to unlock T3 even faster!.

Thank you so much guys for reading my guides and leta get stronger!!!
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