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[Guide Event] Think Tank- Hyper Resource of Choice.

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Posted on 2019-02-26 00:36:42 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello guys this is my 3rd guide and today im going to share my knowledge about how to hyper any resource.

1- Diplomacy Request: It is located near the supply post. When you click you will be able to trade products that are used to increase your diplomacy level which will give you an increase in Hourly Production of the resource desired as well as Training Speed or Infirmary Healing Capacity. There are 8 Clans available thru the campaign. I highly recommend you to start leveling them up as high as possible because you will need a lot of resources later on.

Tip 1: First time is free so choose wisely.
Tip 2: I recommend you to hyper Wood as its one of the hardest resources to get in the game.(Gold most important resource late game).

2-Player Talents: You need to be on Economy Talents to get even more Hourly Production. If you decide to go for Wood for example. Then what you want to do is max the Resource Production Quantity first. It will give you an Increase of 20% Hourly Production. After that you can go ahead and max Wood Production I, II,III. If you are level 40-60 you will notice you still have some points left. You can either max Harvesting Speed to be a God Farmer or max Research Speed/Construction Speed.(Trust me you still have enough points to do that if you are level 40-60).

3-Gear: Last but not less important guys. The gear! Make sure you have  gear that will increase the production % of the resource you are hypering. With the right gear you can get a boost of about 200% more Hourly Production!!!! Sweet huh?. I Will leave a picture as an example of a good gear for wood production.

Thats it for this guide guys. Hope yall are learning something from my guides and lets get stronger!
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