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[Guide Event] Think Tank - Protecting Yourself

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If you've been playing the game for a while, the following will be common sense.  I play in a nicely rated guild, and it's not uncommon for me to see massages in guild chat from other members complaining about being attacked and losing a bunch of resources or troops.  I just want to share some ideas on how you can keep this from happening.

1.  Shield
Yes, quite obviously if you use a shield, you won't be attacked.  I don't shield often.  Typically, I'll only use a shield if I just attacked a bunch of castles and want to avoid retaliation, need to open a lot of resources to upgrade, or have an abundance of resources I can't immediately use.  Even while shielded, I still take advantage of the sanctuary.  Things happen.  Maybe for whatever reason, I won't be able to login before the shield runs out, and the sanctuary gives a little extra buffer.  It's not fun to get zeroed (troops massacred to nothing). Troops take a lot of time and resources.  Shields can be purchased with crystals or guild coins in several different amounts of time.

2.  Resources
Resources are probably the top reason other players attack.  If you keep too many on hand, they will undoubtedly be taken.  Don't make yourself a target.  Keep resources to a minimum all the time.  Use as much as you can before you log off to get close to none.  The good little do bes in your city keep producing them, so make sure to keep that in mind.  I purposely lagged in upgrading the farm, quarry, etc for this reason.  I don't want them making me a target while I'm away.  Set a long troops training, upgrade, research, or take advantage of the merchant ship to use them up.  Keep resources in your bag until you need them!

3.  Vault
The vault is a great feature in the game.  It protects resources up to a limit based on vault level and research.  It DOES NOT protect gold until it reaches level 25, and the add-on kicks in.  You can check the vault capacity by tapping on your Castle and selecting city info.

4.  Troops
Another reason you'll potentially be attacked.  There is a ranking system in the game for amount of kills.  Some players constantly battle to stay at the top of the ranks.  Regardless of how many resources you have, some will attack merely for kill count.  Keep your troops protected as well as you can.  It's tempting, but as you're growing in levels, I'd avoid training more troops than you can protect only for might.  That might number can be crushed in just a few seconds by an enemy, and it takes a lot of time to rebuild a large army, not to mention resources.

5.  Sanctuary
I jokingly refer to the sanctuary as "the bar".  I almost always have my troops and leader parked there.  While there, they cannot be injured or killed by an enemy.  The capacity of the sanctuary is based on Castle level.  Unless you're a very aggressive player, there really isn't a requirement to train more troops than the sanctuary can hold.  It's free and you can place or take your troops out as much as you like.  Should you train troops beyond its capacity, always keep your highest level troops inside.

6.  Occupation
I know a lot of players that will camp out extra troops by occupying space.  It is NOT a foolproof way to store troops, but camps are usually overlooked by aggressors.  You simply open your map, find a nice little spot, and tap > occupy.  As far as I know, camps do not expire.

7.  Hives
Most guilds tend to glom together in "hives" where the majority of the guild is all together in a specific area.  It's convenient in that sharing resources is fast, the floatress is near, etc.  I avoid the hive in my guild.  I think of them as targets just waiting to happen.  Think about it.  A high might player ports in and doesn't even need to pan around.  There's a whole pile of sitting ducks all lined up to be attacked.  He just continually taps scout and attack and can burn a whole hive down in no time while there is nothing a lower level guild can do about it.  I prefer what I like to think of as "colonies".   A colony is when a guild is close to the floatress, but not all on top of each other.  More like 5 - 20km apart scattered around an area.  Sharing, rallying, etc is still convenient, but it's a little more work for an attacker to hit and burn everyone.

I hope the above helps.  Please feel free to share more ideas in this thread.  Be safe and don't be a target.

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Oh, and one thing to add.  When you find yourself with all those resources you want to be rid of, ask in your guild chat if anyone needs them.  It's good to share with your guild!

Posted on 2019-03-13 11:14:23 | Show thread starter's posts only

The Hive or Home Base is a risk, but if you can build a team and survive those raids then when you do advance to a higher level you have a strong guild.  Also you get to see the serious players more easily.

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