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[Guide Event] Think Tank - Save troops!

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Hello my name is PeLa id: 681697317 

  Today we are going to talk about the ways of taking care of our army for many players who are initiated by the different techniques and not having to face the loss of troops and the consequence of power. For me there are 5 simple ways we will start from the safest: 

 1. The sanctuary has a maximum time of 12 hours and its capacity is limited depending on the level of castle they have, it can protect a hero, it is impossible to kill troops while they are there. 
 2. Convocation of alliance is necessary to belong to a guild the technique has a maximum of 8 hours (without counting displacement) it can protect four heroes and consists of looking for an abandoned city, selecting it and calling for renewing without the attack being completed. Its capacity is limited by the size of the army per attack. 
 3. Betting consists in sending troops to an ally that has a shield for the duration of the same and its capacity is limited by army size per attack. 
 4. Airship of war is also necessary that pertenescan to a guild its capacity is limited by the size of army by attack, time is indefinite the important thing is that once it landed and loaded troops return to be in flight the airship otherwise it can be attacked.
 5. Occupy or camps is of indefinite time its capacity limited by army size per attack and consists of hiding your army in an area of 400kms around your city to camouflage yourself among other small cities is the most dangerous way since it can be attacked at any time (up to 2 camps). Most of the forms I mentioned have the size of the army for attacks, so it is necessary to expand that number either by improving heroes, equipment, buildings, etc. I hope it is helpful and if you know of any other form or technique beyond the shields do not hesitate to comment. 


eL PeLa (K13)  ♧.♧
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Hello i am Ukraine


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