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[Guide Event] Think Tank - F2P Rally party best quest picks

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Posted on 2019-05-10 07:22:03 | Show thread starter's posts only

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Hi Everyone, 

If it comes to rally party and party quests I think it is safe to say that for the F2P players it can be quite hard to reach a decent amount of points to help your guild Rank in this event. 

From My experience however i truly believe that F2P players can still make decent amounts of points and simply by trying to pick mainly the below quests. For each quest I will also indicate why. 

1. Harvest Quests: 
Harvest quests are probably one of the easiest quests for F2P players to earn points in the Rally party. the best tip I can give is that you start this quest at the moment you see that your harvesting teams are at the verge of returning. This way you spend less time in completing these quests. It also give fairly decent points (Usually around 100 points). 

2. Guild coin quests: 
for the guild coin quests i would suggest that you start saving coins several days before the rally party starts. depending on the activity of your guild, most people should be able to receive around 100k-200k guild coins a day. These quests usually require between 600k to 1.2 mil guild coins to be spent. The range of the points for these quest vary between 80-120 which is again a decent amount for a F2P Player. And they take no time if you have prepared for these quests up front. 

3. Supply Quests: 
This one depends on the kind of Player you are. If you are someone that stacks RSS and has always a high RSS count or you have a high RSS production, then this one can also be very interesting and a fast one to complete. usually these quests have a range of 80-90 points. Again this can also be prepared before the rally event starts. 

4. Help Quests: 
This is maybe the easiest one and costs the east amount of money and gems. unfortunately these usually also give a low amount of points depending on how many helps you need to provide. I would suggest to only take the high amount of helps which can give around 100 points and usually ave a max time of around 3-4 days. 

5. Forge Quests: 
This one is a tricky one as most equipment forges require lots of gold and to speed up it can cost you a lot of speed-ups. However if you are already playing for some times you should be able to prepare a batch of equipment you can update before each rally party. There are several quests (forge Rare-Epic equipment) that can easily be done if you make sure the materials and equipment can be immediately upgraded at the moment you start the quest. these quests usually give you between 90-202 points. 202 points is in case of legendary equipment forging and again if a few days before the rally party you can upgrade equipment to legendary just wait and link this quest to it. 

6. Admin Quests: 
Whenever you are at the verge of completing an admin request and you see this quest is available. dont doubt and take it. you will receive 86 points for completing these quests and these ones can be fairly easy to do as a F2P player. 

With above quests and the proper preparation a F2P player can easily get between 600-800 points in the Rally party. 

I hope this is a usefull list of quests for the F2P players in Game. it can be a real struggle to go trough these quests and try to complete them in a timely manner. But if you do good pre rally party preparation some of the above quests can boost your overall amount of points very well. 

Good luck and have a nice day everyone!


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