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[Guide Event] Think tank: Attaching runes to your heroes

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This guide
This guide was originally created by me for the NLG1 guild on LINE chat. It has been ported to the Mobile Royale forums for the 'Think Tank' event and improved with pictures. I do not proclaim that my strategy is the best; it has proven useful for me and my guildmates and hence could aid beginners.

Runes - what are they and what do I use them for?
Runes are stones filled with magic that help you enhance your heroes' stats. If anyone was to have the same heroes with the same stats, most arena battles would end in a draw. Giving your heroes runes helps you give the winning edge in the arena, but can also greatly help you when attacking opponents in the map or in the campaign.

How do I pick the right rune for the right hero?
The runes that you give to your hero are entirely dependent on your strategy. You can create extreme powerhouses and focus on upping your heroes attack or make them as tanky as possible by maximizing their def. The only thing to keep in mind is that heroes stats differ by default, and that some runes will be better with some heroes than others.

What runes are there?
Each rune has five levels; white, green, blue, purple and gold. There's different sets of runes that have different stats. You have five slots for runes to upgrade your heroes with.The boost that you will get from each rune differs, but may be the same for most slots.

Hero setups

Branor has a lot of HP and def. His physical attack, however, isn't much. Because this hero is relatively tanky on his own, I dropped a rage rune in slot 1 (boosts def), a vigor rune in slot 2 (higher block rate), an assault rune in slot 3 (crit rate) and another in slot 4 (boosts HP) and a rage rune in the fifth slot (boosts attack). My bonus focus here was to boost branor's crit rate and attack, so that he becomes more balanced. 

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This will be updated later this week with information for every hero

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A balanced hero is a dead hero... focus on the main stats of your hero and push them further... equipping a tank with damage runes is totally waste of effort...

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There are easy to figure out hero sets and some heroes need 2 split sets with a bonus to be their best.

Saorise needs a full set of 5 Bless runes.

Lorelei needs a full set of 5 Swift runes.

Those ones are easy to figure out and not optional.

Other heroes like Atlas could benefit from a full set of 5 runes or may benefit more from a 2,2,1 mix.

The full scope of best runes hasn't been discovered as of yet despite several attempts of finding players willing to put in the time and effort for trials.

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