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There are lots of buildings / facilities in Mobile Royale. Each facility has a different function, a list of buildings in Mobile Royale

●Castle : > Increasing Castle can increase strength, hero limits that can be used, brigade size, and opening new facilities.
●Hospital :> Injured troops can be cured in this building.
●Sage Tower: > In this building / facility you can research or activate strong buffs.
●Vault :> In this facility can protect resources from enemies.
●Barracks: > Here you can train troops. You can open new troops with research at Sage Tower. Increasing Barracks can train more troops at once.
●Training Place: > Here you can assign a hero to the headquarters defense.
●Chapel: > Here you can open dragon positions, increase dragons and you can use dragon skills in battle.
●Supply Post: > Here you can send resources to guild members who use this facility.
●Airship Dock: > Allows you to trade, neighboring cities.
●Arcade Sanctum: > Increase facilities to increase stamina limits, recovery speed. This facility also allows you to build ruins (also known as clans), various clans provide different fans for reserve forces.
●Sanctuary:> If you send troops and leaders to Sanctuary. Enemies cannot attack troops who live in Sanctuary.
●Atelier: > Investing in crystals at Atelier can produce more. To update this building, you need a crystallizer. Increase the castle to get it.
●Battle Hall: > This facility allows you to attack targets with joint guild members.
Good day to all players of #MobileRoyale# This post is going to help you with choosing which heroes to enhance next!
I am gonna give you MY OPINION about top 3 heroes for each category. Screenshots on the bottom!

So, let's begin with category #1 - Permanent skills
Top 1 - Cleric aka Saoirse

She gives you permanent Harvesting speed for all resources and resource production.
Harvesting speed from Common Grade to Legendary:
2.5% 5% 7.5% 12.5% 25%
Resource production from Common to Legendary:
5% 10% 15% 25% 50%

The reason I recommend her is because she help you with resources in every perspective. From gathering to producing. She is like the Trickster of Lords Mobile.
Also, she is a healer, so having her gold grade is really helpful in Campaign.(IGG increase the size of her healing circle please!)

Top 2 - Bomber Critter aka Badaboom

Now, he is a really cool hero. He increases stone and gold production, and Craft Studio production.

Stone and Gold production from Common to Legendary:
15% 30% 45% 75% 150%

I'm gonna let that sink in for a bit. 150% omG
That's like producing 250k stone per hour instead of 100k!

The Craft Studio production from Common to Legendary:
0.5% 1% 1.5% 2.5% 5%
Gives you more materials in the Guild's Craft Studio

Top 3 - sharing the 3rd place are Blademaster aka Valenia AND Royal Beastkin aka Omar

Blademaster gives you increased Construction speed and increased Training ground capacity.

Construction speed from Common to Legendary
2% 4% 6% 10% 20%

20% of Construction speed is almost as good as having the Masonry II research 8/10, but a lot less expensive.

The Training Ground capacity from Common to Legendary:
0.5% 1% 1.5% 2.5% 5%

This skill gives you an opportunity to train more troops in the Guild's Training Ground.

Royal Beastkin gives you Max Stamina up which is REALLY useful, but he is great in other things too, but I'll talk about that later.

Max Stamina up from Common grade to Legendary:
300 600 900 1500 3000

Having more Stamina that's available is always useful.

Category #2 - Attacking/Defending

Top 1 - Royal Beastkin aka Omar

He is an amazing F2P hero for offense and defense.
He gives you increased Army HP and Cavalry Attack( if you unlock his skin).

Army HP from Common to Legendary:
1.25% 2.5% 5% 10% 25%

So let's just get something clear. Army HP means that EVERY brigade you've sent out to attack gets the boost. He is a cavalry hero, but he gives boost to all troop types hence Army HP. Yes, you do have to include him in the march to get the HP boost.
If you unlock his skin, he gives Cavalry ATK boost
From Common to Legendary Cav ATK:
3% 6% 12% 24% 60%

I mean, 60% CAV ATK and 25% Army HP is insane for a F2P hero.

Top 2 - Metal King aka Gargantor

He gives you Infantry DEF boost and Infantry HP boost( if you unlock his skin)

From Common to Legendary INF DEF and INF HP
2.5% 5% 10% 20% 50%

Now, infantry is heavily used in this game, and having 50% DEF and HP is a great add-on to your research and gear stats.

Top 3 - Blademaster aka Valenia

She gives you Infantry ATK which is great for the reason above.

INF ATK from Common to Legendary:
1,5% 3% 6% 12% 30%

pictures of my user and great tips:
Hello I have some tips for all of you I hope you like them and if you want to correct me or write another tip in comment It would be great!

1. Make sure that your barracks always work! Do not stop making troop this game is all about Strength.

2. Make your Castle and Sage Tower to level 25.

3. Max out all of the army research to make your army as strong as possible.

4. Don’t train a lot of t1 and t2 they are useless against t3 so try to get as fast as you can to t3 and start to spam than in training.

5.Always protect your troops, if you going away for a few hours put your troops in shelter! If not someone stronger than you will kill all of them.

6. Don’t attack someone if you know that in the end you lose a lot of Resources and troops..attack only players that you can win easy against them.

new player who wants to migrate kingdom;
For players who just start this game and want to migrate to another kingdom.

If you are castle level 5 or below and your account is less than 7 days old then you can migrate to any kingdom using "novice teleporter" scroll. You'll find that scroll in your bag if your account is less than one week old

Remember that information is important for success!

IGG ID: 662976781


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