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[Guide Event] “Think Tank: Beginner Guide To Heroes”

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Heroes are one of the most important things in the game. They can either give you great loss or turn the tides and give you great advantage. Heroes are everything. If you don’t quite understand what the heroes do, think of them as a commander for your troops.

What Heroes do to Brigades:

Your Heroes heroes will decide how many brigades (Troops = Brigades) you can send out with that Hero. The higher level of your Hero more brigades you can send. You’ll be able to send up to 4 Heroes per march. Your Hero is what leads your troops into the battlefield.

Example: if you have one hero that can have a max amount of brigades at 12,000 and another hero that can have 10,000 you’ll be able to send those two heroes on a march with  those 22,000 brigades all together.

There are only 3 different types of Heroes:
- Infantry
- Ranged
- Calvary

Each hero gives you certain War Buffs; not just one but you could have multiple:
- +Hero Attack
- +Hero Defense
- +Hero Critical Rate
- +Hero HP
- +Infantry Attack
- +Calvary Attack
- +Ranged Attack

So on and so forth. There are even Development Buffs and Production Buffs:
- Construction Speed Up
- Research Speed Up
- +Food Production
- +Wood Production
- +Stone Production


Leveling Up your Hero:

By doing Campaign Levels, attacking Monsters, attacking other players or by using EXP Potion will help you level up your Hero. Campaign in my opinion is the fastest way to level your up your Hero. After you complete a Chapter, you will unlock the Elite Chapter. After you complete an Elite Level you can use Energy to sweep through a level collecting a vast amount of EXP Potions. Careful because you’ll only be able to refill your Energy a certain amount of times do to your VIP Level. The

Promoting your Hero:

Promoting your Hero is how to greatly improve them. Unlike Leveling Up your hero promoting the will make the stronger. There are 5 types of stages as you will.
- Common (Grey)
- Uncommon (Green)
- Rare (Blue)
- Epic (Purple)
- Legendary (Orange)

To promote your Hero you need Soulstones. Each hero has their own Soulstone. You can either get these from buying packs in the store or by the Campaign. The campaign is your best bet. Make sure to promote your Hero to make them even stronger. It will make the Buffs better and let you attach Runes to them to up their game. (Runes will be in another guide)

Along the way you’ll find which hero best fits you. Whether it’s Production or Warfare. Or maybe even both.


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