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[Guide Event] Think Tank:Hyper Farming guide

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Posted on 2019-10-29 00:21:26 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hyper Farming-

Rss are becoming more and more important as you get higher level due to very high  demands so if we work together to fill our bank we all will benefit. What is hyper farming? Well its picking a specific rss type and doing everything you can to increase production. In this guide I will give some pointers that will help.

1.Pick a rss you want to farm personally I focus on stone.
2.Set Diplomacy to your chosen rss type. Max diplomacy to 25 if you haven't.
3.Max rss building to level 25.
4.Make gear to increase your rss. To at least blue or purple and wear it when castle is idle like when you log off for the night.
5.Change talents you can make one just for rss or if you dont have an extra slot available first focus research and construction put all extra points in your rss production.
6.Do research in eco that compliments your rss type.
7.Unlock and level heros that boost both your specific rss type and rss production in general. For example Badaboom increases stone and Saoirse and Guarantor increase general production.
8. Keep your a production boost running for your rss. They are cheap with guild coin.
9.Very last focus dragon stone that increases your rss type. This takes time and is a slow process so dont try to rush dragon stone.

Always remember to empty your extra rss in the bank to keep them protected. I hope this helps!
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