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[Guide Event] How to grow faster and gain might!!

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Posted on 2019-01-24 17:29:59 | Show thread starter's posts only

1) First of all you should upgrade the castle go lvl17 to get the T3 troops so keep in mind that you should save your speed ups and gems for that.

2) make a developing talent page focus on upgrading the construction speed and research speed so don't spend your points on other stuff and you can get 100% speed up for each!!

3) make sure that you dont join any fights that could damage your might until you get T3 (when you attack on people you get killed soldiers but when you defend you only get wounded soldiers so keep in mind that)

4) make sure at first that you build some construction boost equipment to your hero so that can help you out getting your castle lvl17

5) make sure that you get your heros level 15 at least bcs in lvl 15 you get like 30k might!!

6) play the campaign and win the elite stages every 3 stars gives you t0 gems and other cool stuff!!

7) make sure you have a training grounds in your guild it helps alot

8) ubgrade your backup troops

remember that you get might by time so be patient and play saftey until you get T3
Have fun!! I hope that I made a deference to you and I hope you guys get powerful thank you

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