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[Elite Trainer] Think Tank - Construction & Research

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Posted on 2019-01-27 16:32:30 | Show thread starter's posts only

Construction and Research 

Hi, my name is TJ and i will talk to you about some topics surrounding construction and research.

RSS Buildings

Although RSS buildings are not the "best" they help massively with the starting development. These building are also needed for certain castle levels too. personally i struggle with wood and then stone, so depending on your needs and expenses you can adapt your building accordingly. For example, if you are running out of food, then maybe look at increasing your food building. another thing with food is upkeep. Your upkeep is from the amount of troops you own, but if you increase the level of your food building you can make yourself 'food positive'. this will help massively if you find you are losing a lot of RSS that you gather or farm from other castles.

How to increase my  and research Construction speed?

There are numerous ways of increasing your construction speed, but one of the easiest and effective is talents. This will give you 105% construction speed when I and II are maxed. Another great way is with research, This gives 40% when 10/10. i would personally upgrade this to a decent level - 5/6 as soon as possible. This will save you vital speeds and gems for your journey ahead. Another way is with heroes, but this is slightly more complex as you have F2P and P2P heroes. A good example of a F2P hero is Blade master / Valenia. at gold she will provide 20%, however if you upgrade Imperial Knight/ Reginald it will provide 30%. I highly recommend getting these heroes that provide developing stats as soon as possible, as it will knock large portions of the higher castle levels. 

With research you can increase the same ways as construction speed, but there is not a research that provides it. You will need to increase your Sage Tower and at lvl 25 it will provide 30%. This is great because this is a passive buff that will build over time while you are building your castle. The talents I & II will provide 105% - same as construction, but there is far more research than buildings. You will save far far more speeds and time overall if you increase the research speed%. Research speed is less common in heroes than construction, but they do exist! The F2P option would be Lorelei, which provides 25% at gold grade. The P2P option would be Luna who also gives 25%.

Below shows the best construction gear currently - 27/01/2019

Weapon - Flametongue - 10% (lvl 35)

Headgear - Royal Guard Helm - 7% (lvl 10) Opulant Crown - 25% (lvl 55)

Leg Armour - Traveller's Tracks - 5% (lv 20) Silverlace Greaves - 7% (lvl 35)

Off-hand - Bonecrusher - 5% (lvl 1) - Heart of Virtue - 15% (lvl 40)

Body Armour -Immortal's Cape - 20% (lvl 50) 

Accessories - Harvest Horn - 16% (lvl 40)

Below shows the best research gear currently - 27/01/2019

Weapon - Crescent Blade - 2.5% (lvl 20) - Founder's Light - 12% (lvl 45)

Headgear - Opulant Crown - 25% (lvl 55)

Leg Armour - Elven Boots - 5% (lvl 25) Silverlace greaves - 8% (lvl 35)

Off-hand - Sorrowsong - 4% (lvl 30)

Body Armour - Shadow Mantle - 5% (lvl 10) 

Accessories - Ring of Carnage - 15% (lvl 40)

What research should i focus on?

The first research should be construction speed in your admin tree. This should be something you upgrade each castle level. If you do this after you have reached a decent castle level you would have saved days and days of speed ups. The main one should always be warfare. This is a war game at the end of the day! You will always want to get the best tier you can. depending on your kingdom number you will probably t2 and have or trying to get t3 now. There is a massive benefit from each tier and will allow you to demolish your opponent. Another good thing to research is training speed. I personally would never speed your troops unless you have efficient research to back them or it would just be liquid might and someone stronger will just destroy them all. Also, troops are expendable and research is core might that will never go away, which is why i recommend upgrading training speed research slightly, so you can train over time instead of having so many troops you cant hide them all. 

What should i build first?

I always recommend upgrading your castle as fast as possible in these games, as you gain extra helps - allowing you to decrease development times for everything. you also need castle 25 to unlock things like T4 and having 3 accessories. However, if you have played Lords Mobile and know 'Watcher' you will know that the hell event heroes are very useful. The training speed is very handy and also they are great for attacking heroes as well. This is best to be done as early as possible because the hell events demand less points to get stage 3. There is no right or wrong answer its just completely up to you how you wish to play the game. slow and steady or push for t3 and kill everything. The options are endless.

What should i use my speed ups and gems on?

Firstly, what is the best way to get them. The best way sounds stupid, but just play the game. Hunting monsters are something that people can slack on, however when you have 150 members killing monsters the gifts will start flying in. These gifts give everything, rss, speeds, gems and materials for gear. Also you can get them from quests, which are from developing buildings and research. You also get them from sweeping hero stages and they will add up quite fast. As i said before i would not use them on troops, as when they die you have wasted those speeds and gems. It is most efficient to spread your speeds across the research and construction almost evenly, however only focus on the necessary ones. The gems should be used to upgrade the P2P buildings such as your prison, altar and battle hall. these buildings require materials only obtainable from gift boxes and buying with gems, which is another reason you should get your guild to make sure they use all their energy every day and contribute to the guild gifts.

Thank you for reading my guide, i hope you learnt something new from if. if not please tell me what i can add or improve. thank you.

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Have Fun :)

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