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[Elite Trainer] Think Tank - Trapping

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Posted on 2019-02-12 17:43:31 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello. I will be covering the basics of trapping. Since at this current moment the game is new trapping is overlooked by most.
So, what is trapping?
Trapping is being at the lowest might possible with the highest number of troops which will allow you to kill/indure all of the attackers forces.
I will break this down into the 3 major steps.
1.research the first thing you want to do is upgrade your training speed, cav,inf and rage attack,hp and defense. You can find the training research in warfare and human sections. The priority list should always be training speed>troop attack>troop hp>troop defense.
By this i mean you should do all of cavalry attack, infantry attack and range attack before moving on to hp and defense.
2. Heros. Your heros should reflect what you are to defending against. This means if someone is going cavalry first you should switch to range formation. If they are going range formation you should go infantry formation and if they go infantry formation you should go cavalry formation. Brigades should also complement your hero choices. So far there is only one hero that provides training speed boost (skullrock) which can only be obtained through the 3rd stage of hell events. The other one is a purchaseable hero (aoi). These are very important as they will allow you to produce troops as quick as possible.
3. Gear. Your gear should complement the type of defense you are running. If you are running cavalry front line, and range back line then focus on cavalry mainly gear wise and a little on the range.
What are viable teir compositions? Since it is commonly known that the lowest tier troops die first or land in the hospital first, you should build a lot of those to take hits for your defensive force. I would say at this point in time 2 million militia would be good enough. Then for the bulk of your defense you should train the second tier of troops. This is as they are very effective at defending and give you low might (anyone who has played lords mobile could tell you the same). I would say 500k is enough at this point but we are talking before people unlock teir 4. Once people unlock teir 4 the ratio should be ajusted so that you are able to completely kill the enemy force so they dont get a report.
I hope this has helped you guys
igg ID:673855713
P.s i never said making a trap account was quick lol.


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