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[Elite Trainer] Think Tank - Resource Hypering

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Posted on 2019-02-26 19:04:21 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey everyone,
As I’m sure all know by now, resources are hard to come by in MR, but it isn’t impossible, this is a guide on how you and others can hyper resources. Hypering is best done in mass, having several members within a guild hypering will serve you and your guild the best. A guild bank is a must if you want to successfully farm these resources for your guild, and not feed others your resources during attacks.

When hypering its best to choose your resource type early on as it can become a costly thing to switch later on.

Diplomacy gives you a choice of all resources, but gold you will have to sacrifice infirmary space for, so it isn’t ideal when hypering a fighting account. Hypering food is only worth the effort it goes into hypering if you have no troops, and don’t plan to in the future. So your best choice is between wood and stone when hypering a fighting account.

Setting down the foundations to a good hyper are simple, but I’ll put them into categories of importance for you all.

High Importance:
Placing your Talent Points correctly
Switching and upgrading your Diplomacy Tech
Upgrading your Dragonstances

Low Importance:
Forging equipment
Focus on specific heroes

1. Research/Construction:
When researching and constructing for hypering you don’t want to do anything unnecessary, as it all costs time and resources. If you’re focusing on stone, don’t bother researching Wood Production or the like if it’s not a prerequisite for something that’s needed, and while it may seem counterintuitive to do when it comes to research for a fighting account, you will need to do these researches later on in the race to T4s.

Of course when it comes to research for a fighting account you want to focus on Warfare, so I suggest taking small hiatus’ now and again from the long Warfare research and focus on the production for your hypered resource before going back to your Warfare research.

Same applies to constructing towards your hypered resource, all are needed to be maxed as a prerequisite for T4s, but get the construction of your hypered resource type done before any others.

2. Placing Talents Correctly:
When placing talents, the best course of action is to focus on one resource alone, if you’re hypering, placing talents in other resources would be a waste of the talents. As a hyper, getting all production sections for the resource you’re choosing to focus on full is important. You’ll have 3 sections for each resource to fill, so working on your leader level will help immensely.

When placing talents for hypering you only want to do what’s necessary to get to the next production talent card, the only other cards you’ll want to fill is the 3 cards for research and construction speed.

3. Switching and Upgrading Diplomacy Tech:
When switching Diplomacy Tech, much like with Talent Points, the best course is to focus on one resource type only.

The red tech is where you’ll find your training, infirm and gold production boosts (boosts for gold production are put alongside training speed). The blue tech is where you will find the options for food, stone and wood production.

Depending on whether you’ve switched before, it may cost you materials (charcoal, absinth, etc) in order to do so, if you haven’t switched before, you can do it for free.

Upgrading your Diplomacy Tech is vital whether you are hypering or not, while it takes time, and resources, it is worthwhile in all aspects. The max level for all Diplomacy Tech is 25, so once you reach that, you will be done and better off for it.

4. Upgrading your Dragonstances:
There are six Dragonstances in total, two Dragonstances for the production of each resource other than gold, which only has one. You can upgrade these by getting Dragon Life Shards from sweeping specific Campaign stages.

Dragonstances, while can be forgotten about, offer great boosts not just to resource production but to construction speed, research speed, training speed, and more. So you will only benefit with working on these.

Dragonstance: Life = Food
Dragonstance: Light = Wood
Dragonstance: Earth = Stone
Dragonstance: Water = Food
Dragonstance: Wind = Wood
Dragonstance: Fire = Stone/Gold

5. Forging Equipment:
While forging equipment isn’t essential, it will boost your production. I don’t suggest putting it before your construction and research equipment, but if it is you want to boost your production that bit more, then equipment suited for that resource is a good way of doing so.

If it is you decide to forge equipment for production, I suggest making sure you’re wearing it when you know you’ll be offline for long periods of time.

Food Production Equipment:
Stormdrill (Weapon)
Dragoon Helmet (Headgear)
Mirage Greaves (Leg Armor)
Blood Grip/Flame Gloves (Off-hand)
Imperial Armor (Body Armor)
Sworn Oath/Ring of Carnage/Abyssal Drum (Accessories)

Stone Production Equipment:
Poseidon’s Fury (Weapon)
Azure Helmet/Flame Helm (Headgear)
Bloodhooves (Leg Armor)
Gryphon Shield (Off-hand)
Enkindled Plate (Body Armor)
Fury Pendant (Accessories)

Wood Production Equipment:
Soul Eater/Abyssal Hook (Weapon)
Imperial Eye (Headgear)
Darksteel Greaves (Leg Armor)
Apocalyse (Off-hand)
Commander’s Cuirass (Body Armor)
Book of Frost (Accessories)

Gold Production Equipment:
Guillotine/Frost Blade (Weapon)
Netherworld Mask/Abyssal Helm (Headgear)
Ranger Mukluks (Leg Armor)
Arcane Gauntlets/Heart of Virtue (Off-hand)
Conqueror’s Chainmail/Abyssal Plate/Flame Belt (Body Armor)
Styx Lantern/Horn of Flame (Accessories)

6. Focusing on Specific Heroes:
There are currently 18 heroes available, 10 being free to play, some having a passive skill for a certain resource production.

You will need to get your heroes to level 15, other than Cleric, who needs to be level 50, in order to unlock any passive skills for resource production they may have, and then grade them up by collecting their Soulstones which you can get by sweeping the elite Campaign stages of the hero you are looking to upgrade.

Heroes with Production Boosts:
Punisher (Branor) = Food
Arcane Golem (Atlas) = Food
Solar Guard (Valenia) = Wood
Bomber Critter (Badaboom) = Stone/Gold
Cleric (Saoirse) = Manage Production (Boosts all production types)

I hope this helps!

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Posted on 2019-08-10 01:54:56 | Show thread starter's posts only

Nice guide, but i think, if you are rss hyper, you need to focus on heroes and gear too. especially for rations you will get only by gear up to 350% w/o jewels (w/ jewels up to almost 600%)
heroes gives also a massive boost of 550%. 
it all together gives also up to half of your possible boosts, by every rss type. 
yeah sure, diplomacy is more important, slightly.

Posted on 2019-08-10 05:06:39 | Show thread starter's posts only

Fantastic guide mate this has helped me tremendously and learned a few extra things along the way.


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