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[Elite Trainer] What everyone should know from the start about playing Battle Royale

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Posted on 2019-01-23 18:33:16 | Show thread starter's posts only

Here are some important things to know before you dive into Mobile Royale.
1. STOP! Do you want to change kingdoms? If you do or might want to, you must do it almost immediately. Upgrade past castle level 5 and the 2 starter migration scrolls you are provided at the start become just plain ol' relocators that allow you to move within your current kingdom only. I

2. As soon as you can, join the most active PUBLIC guild you can find IN THE SAME KINGDOM AS YOU ARE IN.  A good guild makes a world of difference, significantly shortening build and research times not to mention adding a source for additional gifts and guild coins to purchase important items at the guild store. Guildmates also have the ability to back you up during attacks and are a possible (but not always good) source of information when you have questions. I also recommend that your 1st guild not be your guild for long. The better guilds, one of which you'll need to get into rather quickly, are private, not public, so you'll have to ask to join. These guilds are where the more active players will be meaning you'll get more help & gifts at a faster rate. Most will require a certain amount of might to apply. I suggest selecting several that do not require an astronomical amount of might AS YOU JOIN THAT 1ST PUBLIC GUILD. This will give you a set goal of what might you need to reach and will have you switching as soon as you've met the might requirements... Message the leader and ask to join. Wait and utilize your current guild until you get a yes, THEN send your application. Otherwise, you may very well find yourself without any guild for several hours.

3. Pay close attention to the game in the beginning. It will guide early play and does give you most of the information you initially need.

4. Get on that research!!! Hit the administration side hard early and locate and work to open up the construction and research boosts. Getting those two open is a must. From there then you can balance research with the military branch...

5. Make sure you always have a batch of troops training. You do not necessarily need to speed up the training (although I did), but you need to not let those barracks sit idle. I recommend initially speeding several batches of troops so you've got enough to work with.

6. Just as with the research and troop training, do not let your construction sit idle. Follow the game recommendations for the most part...

7. The game prompts you to go gather RSS as a quest early on. Don't stop. From that point forward send a group of gatherers out at all times. The more troops you've got out there, the more trips they make, means that much more RSS you'll have saved in your bag. This has proved important down the road in all IGG strategy games, so I doubt this one is any different.

8. Start the campaign ASAP and grind it. Beating those unlocks the ability to trade with the kingdom cities, and to trade with the merchant ship. It also allows you access to the Captains Special deals (usually $.99) that have much needed supplies, materials, gems, etc. I suggest that you put any thought of F2P out of your head and go semi F2P for a more enjoyable experience. A budget of $20 a month or less is sufficient enough to this.

9. F2P (free to play) players need to cough up the initial couple of bucks and take advantage of the 2 beginning offers that are $.99 (where I live). If you do not spend another dime in the game, well o.k., but those initial offers are such a huge help when starting.

10. Level your heroes. Try your best to keep them on par with your player level.

11. Fighting with your troops and heroes is something you'll have to get a feel for, but you can stack the odds in your favor by selecting a proper troop composition for the fight. Like other IGG games, Battle Royale has 3 troop types:
                         1.  Infantry/Footmen
                         2. Cavalry/Horsemen
                         3. Archers/Bowmen.
These 3 types all will trump(beat) one type, tie with themselves, and lose to the 3rd type. Think of the game rock, paper, scissors and you will have the basics down! Infantry beats archers, archers beat cavalry, cavalry beats infantry...
Use countertypes to your advantage. Sending troops that counter the opposing force troop types is a key to victory. Send 1 troop type against a 2 type army that has no trump for your troops and possibly even against all 3 troop types, just as long as there are very few of the troop type that trumps your forces.  

12. If you are planning on playing F2P or semi-F2P, start hoarding all speed-ups for your later stages from day 1. Having played many strategy games like this one and several from IGG themselves, I know what the research and build requirements and time to complete them are going to look like. Save as many as you can hold on to. You'll be thanking me later!!

Now, I didn't talk about gear, the dragon,  monster hunting, etc, of the many other aspects of the game. Reason being either the game walks you through it sufficiently or I didn't think it was imperative knowledge right out of the gate (or I've yet to find out!).


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