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[Elite Trainer] “Think Tank: Beginners Guide To Brigades”

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Brigades is where your might is at. The more Brigades you have the better your chances are at surviving anything.

There are three types of Brigades:
- Infantry
- Ranged
- Calvary

Infantry are your bodyguards they lead the way (If you choose too) taking most of the damage. Infantry are strongest against Ranged Heroes and Brigades, But they are weak against Calvary Heroes and Brigades.
A good way to use Infantry is to have them distract the other Brigades while your Ranged or Calvary do the work.

Ranged play a big roll in warfare. They are usually the last ones alive because they sit in the back and attack. Which comes in handy when you have the enemy troops in the middle fighting other troops. Ranged are strongest against Calvary Heroes and Brigades, But weakest to Infantry Heroes and Brigades.
A good way to use Ranged is to have Infantry with the Ranged in the back.

Calvary are your ambushers. Their speed knocks back the enemy’s. These Brigades are my personal favorite so far. They’re strongest against Infantry but weakest against Ranged.
A good way to use these troops is to have a mixture of all; Infantry, Ranged and Calvary. Or just go head first and have all Calvary.. CHARGE!

How to send on Marches:
This is the big one where most of the losses come from. If you are attacking someone who uses Infantry, don’t send to many Ranged to Attack. Use Calvary otherwise your chances at victory will be little. Make sure you know what you’re up against.

Infantry -> Ranged
Ranged -> Calvary
Calvary -> Infantry
(It’s basically Rock, Paper, Scissors.)

Unlocking Brigades:
Research. Yes everybody knows this. So make sure you keep on top of your Research or else you’ll be the smallest in might on the battlefield which isn’t good..

Militia (T1 Brigades):
Militia are great in speed. But aren’t that great when it comes to battle.
HP: 1/4
ATK: 1/4
DEF: 1/4
SPD: 4/4

Rookies (T2 Brigades):
Rookies are pretty fast and are okay when it comes to battle.
HP: 2/4
ATK: 2/4
DEF: 2/4
SPD: 3/4

Troopers (T3 Brigades):
Troopers will be the troops you use most. Not only because there’s a big gap between these and T4 but they have pretty good battles statistics. If you’re going to push your castle, push for T3.
HP: 3/4
ATK: 3/4
DEF: 3/4
SPD: 2/4

Veterans (T4 Brigades):
Veterans are the strongest troops. They don’t understand defeat. Don’t let the power go to your head. They are great in battle but their speed is terrible.
HP: 4/4
ATK: 4/4
DEF: 4/4
SPD: 1/4

If you like marching fast I suggest T2 but keep in mind you won’t be so powerful. If you don’t care what time you get there, you just want to be powerful then T4 are the troops for you, but if you’re in the middle then T3 is the way to go.

Brigades Formation:
Remember the Rock, Paper, Scissors. Formation is how you want your troops to be set up. You can have Infantry in the front, Calvary or Ranged. Be careful when it comes to this because if someone has Calvary first and you have Infantry, you’ll get steamrolled. Just make sure you have a counter attack or defense and you’ll be just fine.

How many Brigades can you send:
You can send as many troops as your Heroes can hold. Your castle helps to. Make sure you’re staying on top of that. If you click on your ‘Castle’ then click ‘Info’, it will show you what level castle you’ll be able to send Brigades.

Training Brigades:
There is no certain troop type in training. You’re training all three types at once which is a lot better in my opinion. It’s only up to you to select which troop type you want during battle.

If I missed anything please let me know, or put it down so that others may see it. Have any questions I’ll try my best to help.


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