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[Suggestion] Harvesting Suggestions

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Posted on 2019-01-30 09:41:21 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello, I would like to propose 2 ideas to improve gathering experience. Today I find it a bit fastidious :
1) Be able to fi kwickly fin harvesting psots around you, it's annoying to have to search on the map all-day. What I propose : I see we have access to the 4 ressources buttons when we are looking the map. Why not add a fonction that directly centers the map view on the closest harvesting post of the said ressources when we click on the ressource picture? For exemple, u click on the wood icon to right of the screen when on the map, and it centers the  view on the closest wood tile from you.
2) be able to set presets form gathering army, based on load capacity. Would need to add a menu, when we are preparing the harvesting army, in which we would set the load capacity of the preset army, for exemple 100, then we chose if we want it to fill the army from lowest tieror from highest tirr units which means that newt time we click on a harvestable tile, we will have a button to click to quickly create our preset army. It is very annoying atm to have to enter manually the number of troops we want in Each gathering army.thanks for take ming thés ideas into consideration, I am convinced they are simple way to harvesting more enjoyable


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