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[Suggestion] Soul stone/Arena Shop (Maybe even Arena Hell Event)

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Posted on 2019-03-19 04:51:32 | Show thread starter's posts only

It would change daily but you would be able to buy soul stones in stacks (among other things) from the shop for arena coins. Arena coins could be achieved from winning fights (where the higher the rank you are the more coins you get).

For the hell event you could score points for winning relative to what rank you are in.

Posted on 2019-07-15 12:00:04 | Show thread starter's posts only

I also got interested in the concept of having merchant character shards available.

Seeing heroes progress, countless of us end up with hero shards beyond value, as the hero is already golden.
In addition, several of us may want to specialize our castles by converging various common gems into other common gems of our desire.
So my idea would be to add an Exotic Merchant feature by the arena or within the hero-shards-display; where you could trade in 3 hero shards for 1 normal skin shard of that hero. 30 hero shards for a non-normal skin shard. (Unlocked when a hero reaches golden tier).
Sucks right ? Yes, but I am not done yet.

- The Exotic Contractor / Treasure Dealer -
And exchange any 3 normal gems for 1 normal gem. (By normal I only exclude monster drop gems and all military gems).

Now neither of this sounds very promising but this is the highlight:
The 3 Merchant Heroes. Rather than trading in your gems for a normal gem, you could obtain a character shard for any of the following gem-obsessed heroes:
See fuuuurther down below;

Trade in gems for Basic Character Chards

Grey: 3 gems -> 1
Green: 3 gems -> 4 (or less)
Blue: 3 gems  -> 16 (or less)
Purple: 3 gems -> 64 (or less)
Yellow: 3 gems -> 256 (probably less or to 25  of their skin shards)

In addition to rooting out the skins of basic/normal heroes through investment/exchange of their own character shards; 3 specific pay-heroes’s shards can be obtained if the hero has been unlocked through purchase first. Their character shards, uniquely obtained through gem exchange.

* Geary - The Merchant (Archery)
* Catalysma - The Scholar (Infantry)
Weapon fuelled/augmented/catalysed by gems. (Shining with cooler colours if higher tier).
Darkblack Academic Robe with ease for movement.
Tones of darkblue, darkpurple coat, traced of non-noticeable teal.

(Theme: Magus. Bad Luck/Chatastrophe. Catalysts & convergence. Inner-wirings of magic. Drained of self-ability. Witch academia outfit. Magic sword. RWBY White multiple catalysts placed in weapon (but different weapon type). Cursed-plague-curse-carrier artstyle. Face shows of Fine judgement. Body-grow shows of rejectance.

Stats: unique: High Magic Melee Damage & low physical defense. OK magic defense.

Skill: Released Curse
Enemies and allies (except self) in area can’t obtain SP for 3->7 sec. Low magic AoE Damage, good effect, Medium/long execution but does not hinder her attacks. (Visually a living dark gas/cloud swirl in spiralling double slice direction out of her and enters the worldly creatures in range).

* ??? - The Collector (Cavalry)
Wields a rare artefact.
Rides a rare Amphibious creature. The collector has a monacle/study glass/microscope and in belt an extendable ‘binocular/telescope’. Expeditioneer/journeyer outfit with some texture matching the ridden creature’s skin/scales.
A scarf is worn.
Fieldbag hanging over shoulder to hip and saddle-/side-bag on creature on other side.
Creature has large slithery tail, 4 to 6 legs with amphibious appendages and dig-able claws with grip capable of rockscaling.

Stats: unique: Physical Attack high & Good Magical Defense

Skill: Fencing display in curly swinging 8-style, elbows and many parts of the arm rotates to perform each swish, as if slicing off skin but with curled blade of sort.

Thoughts ?

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