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[Suggestion] Guild Funds Suggestion

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Posted on 2019-04-30 00:13:35 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello, and this may have been broached before, so please excuse me if I and resurrecting a long dead topic. 
Guild Funds - Currently - when you get guild funds - (Which from my experience is hitting a Epic Monster about a billion times and getting about 45-50 average a crack.) in the amount of 10, 15 or even 25,000 , which takes a while, you can then reward 1 player in your guild. I do love this idea, since you cannot "buy" them with gems, cash, or any other currently in game, They are really only achieved though your guild working together.  

This seems odd to me - since it takes the entire guild to even manage to get enough in the tank to reward one person.  Most guilds,  have more then 1 person in there guild that makes it a great guild - and a fun place to log into even if your getting hammered by the bigger guilds in your kingdom. 

My Suggestion then is thus --  either a decrease in the amount of "reward" in the chest, and allow each member of the guild to get it - or a Increase in the number of people who can get a chest for the amount charged.

For example -  if you buy a 5,000 guild fund item, you should be able to gift that reward  7 people in the guild                       if you buy a 10,000 guild fund chest, you should be able to gift it to 5 people
                      if you buy a 25,000 guild fund chest you should be able to gift it to 3 people

Doing it this way will allow guild leaders, and who ever has permission - to spread the wealth so to speak and also make guild funds more desirable to even the lowest Castle level people to help out getting them - because a leader may take note of that Castle lvl 9 blowing 250k stamina and not just the level 25 castle who attacked twice. 

In its current state, it seems more like either a way for a guild with alts to reward themselves or a  "end game" or "high level" reward then a "guild" reward - just my suggestion.

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