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[Chat(Android)] Stamina needed for lv.5 monsters

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Posted on 2019-12-31 15:43:35 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey! Anyone knows how many stamina i need for hunting 1 lv.5 monster? I have unlocked t4 and using a monster hunting gears in my first hand, helmet, armour, off-hand. (All gears are still in uncommon tier / green colors.) The rest are just f2p gears. All of my monster ruins are at lv. 20 - 21 Also with my ruins back up. i think i had use it around 400-500k stamina for 1 lv.5 but im still not sure. Please comment below and help me answer my question.

Posted on 2020-01-01 20:11:44 | Show thread starter's posts only

For the gear and ruins you have 400-500k energy sounds about right.  If you want to kill lvl5 monsters, definitely upgrade the monster ruins.  Also get Hunting Gems (they are a pinkish purple color and are triangle shaped) for the stamina cost reduction.  I have one ruin at 25, the others are 23 and 21.  With those it takes me around 300k energy for a lvl5


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