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[Guide] Game Guide Vol. 3: Research, Construction, Talents, Troop Types

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You can research various kinds of tech and skills in the Sage Tower. Upgrade the Sage Tower to increase Research speed and unlock new tech. As your research progresses, your City’s economy, military, defense, and monster hunt capabilities will improve as well!

Your Research priorities will affect your City’s development and determine your position in Vollandia.


Every building has its own function, and can be upgraded only when certain requirements are met. Upgrade buldings to unlock various leader caps. Complete key building upgrades to trigger game scenarios!


Each time you level up, you will get leader Talent points. You can select which Talent routes you wish to take; do you want to increase research speed first, or do you want to increase construction speed first? Different routes will affect your development in different ways.

[Troop Types]

Ranged troops are strong against Cavalry, Cavalry strong against Infantry, and Infantry strong against Ranged. The troops that accompany different Heroes, and the Backup troop types will affect your chances of victory in Campaign battles.
And when you wish to join a Guild Alliance Army to attack other players, your troop grades are also very important. The troop grades in-game are: Militia, Rookies, Troopers, and Veterans. You can also match troop types with various formations to get a wide range of possibilities. Formations can be researched in the Sage Tower too. If you match Heroes, troop types and formations wisely, you’ll be victorious again and again!


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