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[Guide] Game Guide Vol. 1: Introduction to Vollandia

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Posted on 2018-12-21 02:08:16 | Show thread starter's posts only

Welcome to Vollandia, a land that has seen many wars, and given birth to many legendary Heroes. Even now, the bards sing about them and their epic deeds through the ages, as well as their latest achievements.

Vollandia is also known as the “land of plenty”, and the “blessed land”. Despite the neverending conflict, legends say that there was once a holy ruler who managed to unite all of Vollandia. Every Clan leader dreams of becoming the next holy ruler. The wary humans that don’t trust non-humans, the elves obsessed with magic, and the business-oriented dwarves, all covet the holy throne. As the ruler of your own City, will you be able to manage your resources wisely, and come up with strategic plans to claw your way to the top? 

In this wartorn land, you’ll have to develop your own tech and troops, master battle strategy, and make full use of your Heroes’ strengths in order to survive. Now, let us take a closer look at this fascinating world called Vollandia!

There are 5 major races in Vollandia: humans, dwarves, elves, beastkin and the undead. Over the centuries, 10 Clans have emerged from the chaos: Kingsdor, Anthropos, Flamehammer, Steambeard, Sunsinger, Moonseeker, Bloodbite, Nightspear, Specter, and Oracle. 

The Clans have renewed the fighting on Vollandia for their own interests, and there are battles everywhere. You’ll need a strong army to stand your ground against powerful enemies, raid cities, and win this war. 

Completing Campaign battles will unlock many more buildings that you can construct, as well as earn you various items as rewards, and enable you to quickly level up your buildings. Different buildings have different functions: some produce crucial resources, some are for training troops, and there are other functions awaiting your discovery!

Of course, while you’re waiting for your buildings to be completed, or to finish upgrading, you can also engage in various tech research to increase your military might.

You can win items via battles, but you can also send out your troops to harvest resources and hunt monsters to win even more items that will help you build up your City. 

There’s one more thing you’ll need to master here on Vollandia: Airship trading with the Clans! Trade with them to strengthen your Friendship with them, and get rare materials required to upgrade your buildings even further.

Once you’ve tried out all of the above, you’ll be a seasoned settler in Vollandia. Invite your friends to join you in your exploration of this wonderful world; the more the merrier! Dominate the battlefields, and conquer all!

Still dying to know more about Vollandia? Watch out for more game guide volumes coming your way!


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