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[Guide Event] Think Tank - Mobile Royale [F2P Advanced Guide #1]

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Posted on 2019-02-02 17:37:37 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello everyone, how are you all doing? This is 1st of my F2P Advanced Guide series. Before I begin with my guide, I wanna say that if you have WeGamers app installed, my ID is DA82745, follow me for useful guides and feel free to message me if you need help about the game. Now, on to the tip. Today have a post for you about:" How to level up your Player Level faster."
This guide is useful for both F2P and P2P players, so enjoy.
Player EXP is a "resource" that you get from doing all sorts of stuff. Player EXP is used to upgrade your player level, which is really important in Mobile Royale, for many different reasons. Max Player Lvl is 60.
So first, what's the biggest source of Player EXP in Mobile Royale right now? 
Quests! Or should I say, claiming quests. Now that we know that, different quests give you different rewards, depending on how hard they are to achieve.
But, every quest gives you some might and some Player EXP, ones give more then others, again, depending on The tip si: Save them! Save quests, don't hurry to claim them. Why, you ask... Well, there's an item in the game called Player EXP Boost 25% for 24h.
And what that item does, when it's activated, is basically giving you 25% more player EXP from a claimed quest and other activites that give you EXP, for example Monster hunting and attacking other players.
So let's say that a random quest gives you 2 000 EXP after you claim it.
But, if you turn on a 25% EXP Boost, it will give you 2 500 EXP after you claim it.
If you save up, let's say, 200 quests that are NOT claimed, you can get 625 000 EXP instead of 500 000 EXP. 1M EXP instead of 800 000 EXP etc.
The more quests you save, the better, because the Player EXP 25% Boost costs 3725 gems(crystals) as of right now.
It is expensive, especially for F2P players, so I suggest saving 300 quests and then use it and claim them all.

When Mobile Royale receives an update with new events, eventually one of those events will be similar to KvK in Lords Mobile, so IF YOU FIGHT a lot you are also getting great amounts of EXP from fighting other players, so using an EXP Boost while in KvK is not a bad idea. 
But, for now, save your quests and claim them wisely!
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