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[Guide Event] Think Tank - Mobile Royale [F2P Advanced Guide #3]

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Posted on 2019-02-03 12:28:03 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi all! 

This is the 3rd guide in my Advanced F2P Guide series! In my first two guides I talked about how to reach Player Lvl 60 faster and what research to focus on as a F2P player! Now that we know that, I am here to give you some more tips!

1) Heroes: Focus on Cleric (Saoirse). She gives great buffs and she is mostly an admin hero, which means that her skills are permanent and increase your account's efficiency  and overall greatness. She gives Resource Production increase and Harvesting Speed increase. Both of those buffs are really a need. Read my 2nd F2P Guide to understand why I say so. (P.S. If you unlock her skin, she gives you extra Lab Deposit, which is important!)

2) Hero Campaign: I suggest that you use 2 Infantry brigades and 1 Ranged brigade or 3 Infantry brigades. It is very rare to fail in the beginning if you're using one of those two formations. Always use Cleric in your Campaing because she is the only healer you're gonna have in the first couple of months, and if you wanna 3-star a chapter. you're gonna need a healer!

3) Tech: When it comes to techs, they are important for you because they give a big bonus to your Resource Production and in some cases Training speed increase. Big mistake you could be doing is having the Food Tech selected as your Civil Development! How to correct that mistake: Go to your Diplomacy Notice Board, on the top right press the Switch Tech button. From there choose a Clan and below the corn sign (that's the Food Tech) click Switch and than choose between Wood Tech or Stone Tech. Do this for every clan! You'll never be able to produce enough food for your troops, but even if you theoretically  could, I would rather produce millions of wood or stone per day than food!
In your Military Development tab choose Barracks Training Speed or Infirmary Healing Capacity. It is really up to you, even tho I suggest that you choose Barracks Speed on the beginning and change it to Infirmary Capacity later on in the game.

 (P.S. If you want to be a , let's say, wood hyper account, which means you'll focus your talents and tech on wood production, than you need to make sure all of your Techs from all of your Clans have the Wood Tech selected. If you want to be a stone hyper, choose Stone Tech. You get the point)
Hope you all enjoyed my 3rd F2P Advanced Guide! Have a nice day and Panda away!

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