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[Guide Event] think tank(How to Max your base fast) (construction)

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Posted on 2019-02-05 06:40:37 | Show thread starter's posts only

To get higher level troops fast obviously you need to get to castle 25 means max castle level then maxing other buildings so you need to be don't with your construction first there is so many ways of getting fast construction I think one of the major ways is Talent if you go to talent and go to economy you'll find construction speed I ,II if you max them out both you can get higher than 100% speed up in construction means any construction will take half time and  we are only in our first way of doing fast construction then another major way of increasing construction speed is heroes heroes have so many boost some heroes have construction boost like f2p heroes infantry voalania Blade master infantry hero gergantor The metal king if you take them to gold grade together they give you 40% construction speed bost and then there is another major way research! Yes check admin research masonry I is construction speed the name is different there is also masonry II if you max them out together they give you 50% construction boost and you can do them early in game and the last major way iam going to tell is obviously equipment if you go to  black Smith and go to filter than select construction speed and search you will find all the equipment that has construction speed boost and there's always a way of doing construction with gems and speed ups and for that another major way of getting contribution done is joining a good guild you can get helps from guild mates and get guild gifts if your guild mates hunt monster and also if you hunt monsters you will get all kinds of speed up gems and materials to make good equipment

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forgot my IGG ID: 670877230


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