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[Guide Event] “Think Tank - Diplomacy”

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Posted on 2019-01-23 02:04:02 | Show thread starter's posts only

      • What are Diplomacy and the benefits of it?
      • Unlocking Chapters in Campaign allows you to have a tech of that diplomacy. 
      • There are 8 Diplomatic tie total: Kingsdor, Sunsingers, Flamehammer, Steambeards, Anthropos, Moonseekers, Bloodbite, NightSpears
      • Each Diplomatic tie offers 4 Civil Development as well as a maximum of 4 Military Development
      • Civil Development can be switch between FoodStone and Wood Production based on your needs
      • Military Development offers varieties benefits such as Barracks Training Speed, Gold Production, Gold Storage, Barrack Training Capacity, Infirmary Healing Capacity etc...
      • (I just unlocked Chapter 6 in Campaign so I don't have diplomatic ties with Bloodbite and Nightspears yet to see what military development it has to offers.)
      • Trades can be made with the Diplomat are displayed on the Diplomacy Notice Board, complete 5 trades with a Diplomat to level up.
      • Each trades level up the Civil Development Tech (Food, Stone, Wood Production)
      • On the 4th Trade of every Diplomat, you can level up a Military Development
      • Each trades requires materials that can be obtained through Trade at the Airship Dock
      • Complete requests reward Player Exp as well as increased in Might

      Benefits of Diplomacy
      • Boost Food, Stone, Wood, Gold Production, in the long run, you won't have to gather or attack cities for resources. Yourself is the powerhouse of making those resources per hour. Increase in resources as well as player growth over time.
      • Boost Barrack Training and Capacity, increase the capacity of training troops as well as increase training speed on a percentage. It is almost or better than researching training speed and putting all your talents in training troops. The Diplomatic Tech offers a better percentage at a low cost at a shorter amount of time, overall it increases the player growth over time faster.
      • Overall Player Stats, the technologies in Diplomatic Tech offers a variety of resource production that allows players to optimize based on their own strategy. Increase troops production capacity as well as reducing the time of the training.
      • If you're looking to grow over time without having to open much resources pack in your bag or speed things up using gems, then I would recommend you Level up all your Diplomatic Ties to increase your overall castle growth in your kingdom.

      Diplomatic Technology is as important as Player Talents and Research. 
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