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[Guide Event] Think Tank - Art of War

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Hello guys, its your friendly neighborhood player here, gamerfreak123 (not my actual ign, so dont look for it)

So for today we are going to talk about the art and tactics of warfare. If you guys think Mobile Royale is all about having a huge differences of might between you and the others, then you are mistakenly wrong. Might, Battle power, Battle Rating or whatever they call it might seems to be the most important thing in rts games.

Numbers rule rts they said, so do whatever to get it as high as you can. It is almost true that this numbers determine who's the top dog among the continent, it strikes fear to player with lesser numbers and make you feel being like a king, But let me tell you one thing, a veteran or tempered rts game player can easily outdone you guys by simple tactic and battle strategy that even you could never think of, putting that numbers you are so proud of to shame. Every player can be taken down, as long as you execute it with the right strategy.


But how do you do that? Isn't it more simple to rise my numbers as high as i can using gems? Cant i outcome my enemies with spending all my gems speeding up construction, research and training troops?
The answer for these questions is both yes and no. Yes if you can use them right and No if you cant.
What is the fatal mistake which is frequently made by a new player? Spending all the gems into stuff they dont even understand without the right plans. Yes speeding up construction, research and troops training will gain you more numbers, but this are meaningless without the proper strategy. Why is this? because veteran player can easily match your gems spending spree with the right installment within the game's features. Rts does not win player with the most money, it win player with the most wisdom and finally money. With that said, strategy is everything in warfare. They say action speak louder than words, so lets get into learning the art of war itself.
Lets start with the right way of building your might in mobile royale. As i already told you before, you need to know and plan a few steps ahead before you start spending those speeds up item you have been saving around. What are you aiming for in this game? Do you want to be one of those aggresive troops player or the turtle shell defensive player? The most basic feature you need to know is that depending on your playstyle, there are features in mobile royale which support troops type player and defensive type player. Yes, i am talking about the talent system, that is the most crucial feature in the game alongside with research. I will divide this part into 2 sidepart, so you can progress according to your playstyle itself.
For an aggresive troops player, you need to keep into your mind that being troops player means most of your might will come from your army and you will gain resources from raiding them from other player instead of gathering them yourself. First of all, lets take a look at the talent system. there's 2 section there, military and economy. military talents is designed for people who wants to train troops faster, increase their status and travel faster on the world map. So this is where you should invest those talents point you got from leveling up your character. You might also known that there are three type of troops in mobile royale which is infantry, ranged and cavalry. Infantry which is the front troops, ranged which can attack from far away and the fast charge from cavalry troops. Each troops have their own strong and weak point making it a balance system.

For you troops player, lets choose what kind of troops will you buff first given your low talent point.
Most people choose cavalry because of the knock up effect they make during battle and how they are strong against infantry. Invest your talent points into chosen troops type attribute, travel speed, soldier training and conscription. This will make you train troops a lot faster and get a better number of it rather than standard player because of the conscription. the travel speed also make your troops travel faster on the world map which is useful for raiding other player's castle or defending teammates by sending backup troops. Travel speed make the differences in war. This is acknowledges by most player as time needed to travel to one castle is everything in resources and hive raiding. you want your troops to be faster than the enemy back up or you want your troops to be faster so that you can gain more resources before the enemy shielded up. With that said, troops player need to train a lot of troops. what i mean by lots here is a lot and a lot. Use everything you have to train troops, spend all your gems into it. They will say to wait for tier 3 troops. I said no, waiting is defensive type play. We need troops to build our castle, we need them to kill and take resources from the enemy. we need to be able to send 2 or 3 waves of mighty brigade in one wave. why am i encouraging you to build troops even though the differences between tier is so high? because they will still become useful later on. The purpose of troops player is to gather an immense amount of resources from other players before finally switching into defensive type player which is more focused into construction and research. why bother doing that you say? i will answer that after we went into the defensive player sidepart itself.
For Defensive type player, your sole purpose is to construct building and research faster than other players. You don’t need troops that much as all they will do for you to gather resources from the world map, nothing else nothing more. How do you defend your city you said? What to do if you got attacked you said? Dont worry, the building will protect your resources and troops for you. So spend all those talents point into the economy section. Unlike the troops player, every point in economy talent actually does worth their money. Thats why you need to be a high leveled player before becoming a defensive type player. But if you decide to start as one, do as i say and invest into construction speed, research speed, gathering speed and the storage talents. This will make you construct, research and gather a lot faster than other players given the bonus. But what if you got attacked? wont that make all the resources you have been working so hard to get stolen away? The answer is no, as long as you invest into those storage talent which boost your building ability to hold more resources avoiding them to be stolen away. your building will give most of the thing you need as a high leveled building is more efficient than low leveled one. They can also hide your troops which make the enemy attack become useless as they cant take anything from you. Even if your troops actually got attacked because of some mistake you made, the hospital will hold them for you. Whats more a high leveled hospital can hold more injured troops, pretty sweet deal i said. So, what is the purpose of boring playstyle like this? Well its to build a lot of high leveled building and swiftly filling the research features to power up yourself before finally switching into aggressive troops player.
Why in the end the playstyle you have chosen from the beginning switched out into each other? Because you need each playstyle to achieve the best the game could offer to you. you need high tier troops but it cant be done without high leveled building and researches being filled out and vice versa. Simply talking you will still need to construct and research being a troops player but it will become a lot easier if you have all the resources needed and the boost from talent and research features. You also need troops being a defensive player as your building cant attack for you and you can only do that a lot faster by switching into the troops player build. If you have grasped the point of this parts then you are ready to move on into the next step of art of war.
So, we will now talk about some features of the game before finally jumping into the strategy sections.
Since this is a newbie friendly guide, I will only explain about things that does matter in term of building your might, and these things would be Atelier, Battle Hall, Embassy, Sanctuary, Smithy, Airship Dock, Barrack, Sage tower and finally the Hospital. You also need to pay attention to the hero, talent, research story sections and guild.
Atelier is the building which produce gems for you (yes the produce gems) for some percentage of the gems you stored into the building for several times. It works almost like bank’s saving. The higher the lv of the building the higher the return rate would be. This building is noted as important because you needs gem to purchase almost all of things in the game. So lvl it up anytime it is possible and don’t forget to store your games daily. An effective way to use this building is to choose the 1 day service which offer 20% return rate. Don’t be fooled by the 200% stuff. 20%*3000 per day is more than what you can get from 200%*3000 for a month.
-Battle Hall
This building let you start an assembly against your enemies. The higher the lv of this building the more troops you can gather at one time. Why did I mark this building as important? Because there is a trick to save your troops from an enemy’s attack without shielding yourself. And that is by starting an assembly with all your troops against a weak enemy. You can choose the 8 hours time and voila your troops are safe for 8 hours as this troops will not be able to be attacked even if they raid your city.
This building allow you to hold backup troops and will increase the amount you can hold with each lv up.
This building is also useful as the troops lent by your clans won’t cost you any upkeep. You can also keep them until you feel you are satisfied of letting them go. More troops means more power!
Sanctuary is a building which can hide your troops and hero for several hours from your enemy’s attack. This can be helpful if you are far from your clan’s hive or just need to go offline for sometimes. You can also upgrade the duration of protection in the research section.
The smithy produce gears for your hero. You can get the materials from attacking monster on the world map.
As gears give status boost, it is recommended to upgrade your gear anytime you can as higher gears lv provide more bonus status as well. The bonus given could be anything from troops buff, construction and research boost and many more. This is why smithy is considered to be important in this game.
-Airship Dock
This is my most favorite building in the game, not just because it trades material between city but because the merchant is only accessible here. The merchant provide resources, and speedup items and get refreshed every 8 hours. Whats interesting is that they don’t use gems or coin for their service but barter system instead. So as long as you have the right material you can always spent it for other resources and speed up items here.
The barrack is where you train your troops. Higher lv barrack increase the number of soldier you can train at one time. This is where you get your troops. You know how important this building is. Always lv it up as it is also a requirement to upgrade your hospital
-Sage Tower
This building is where you do research. Higher lv building unlocks more research and increase the research speed
Always upgrade this building as you need to lv up all of it contents as fast as you can to unlock more bonuses and higher tier troops.
The hospital is where your troops goes into in a case they got attacked and die. Unlike attacking or when you send your troops to gather resources, troops that goes to hospital do not die and will revive as long as you pay the resources cost. Its important to note that higher lv hospital can hold more injured troops so it is recommended to lv this building anytime you can to maximize its potential.
You got your first two hero by completing the tutorial and more by progressing in story and buying it at mall.
Hero is important as they give status bonus, they lead your army and also have active skill which is important during battle. They can also equip themselves with equipment forged in smithy and gain even more powerful.
You can also upgrade them to equip them with runes that give even more status bonuses. Each hero can lead different army so make sure to choose your hero well.
The talent system which is the most important features in the game, provide you with status bonuses for troops, building and research. You can gain more points by lvling up your character. The bonuses given is different based on the tree and you can reset them using the talent reset item.
The research gave you bonuses, but the most important things it do is unlocking higher tier troops.
So make sure you pay full attention to this features. Every tech is important so make sure to lv them anytime you can, as higher lv provide better effect of bonuses.
-Story section
The story gate portal which is accessible below the arcane sanctum is where you can get heroes shards and item if you clear each part of the story. This also unlock relationship with other cities and provide you with the hammer used to upgrade your castle
This features give you the ability to help and getting help from guild mates in constructing, researching and trading. But what’s important is that the guild offer facilities which you can use to get troops and material with huge amount for 3 times a day.  Guild also provide you with boxes which your guild mates get by slaying monster or purchasing gems pack in the mall. The guild store which only accessible here also sell some stuff you can get not by gems but by currency called guild coins. You can get up to 100k coins a day by aiding your guild mates.
So be sure to pay full attention to this feature as it will help you a lot.
And that’s about some features in the game which is useful for building your might. Now that we are ready lets move into the strategy section. Here I will give you some strategy how to attack other player, how to defend yourself and how to raid a hive. Given how well you do in mobile royale, there will be a differences between free and pay to win player. thats an undeniable fact. So how do we outcome this difference? Simple, we compensate the difference with strategy. always remember that even the strongest player can be outdone by smarter player
First of all lets try to learn the offense strategy.
- Always scout before attacking
- Always send a wave of one weaker tier troops first
- Always prioritize attacking closer enemies (within 1 minutes of travelling at most)
- Always bear in mind that Infantry>Range>Cavalry>Infantry.
These 3 rules must be executed before you want to attack an enemy. They are meant to protect you from failure attacking resulting you getting your troops destroyed and raided instead of raiding.
Scouting give us information about the player we are going to attack. We are in for the resources or the kill so make sure they actually got what we wanted. If they actually don’t have many resources or their troops got hospitalized then its pointless to attack them. Always send a wave of one troop to start an attack, as this is meant to secure the actual numbers of troops they have in case they use false army, anti scout and the buff they currently using. Don’t attack enemy that is too far away as the more distance the range is the more times is needed for your troops to arrive and perform an attack on them. You must know that if you send all your troops away that’s mean your city are defenseless and become soft target for the enemies. And lastly choose the type of troops you send to attack based on what the enemy have in their city. Make sure to exploit their troops weakness to ensure an easy win against them. Winning is everything in offense!
Now for the defense strategy.
-Always have backup troops
-Always have your building at highest lv especially embassy, hospital, vault and sanctuary given how important they are
-Always have false army or anti scout on
There’s not much to do as a defensive player as you will be the one receiving attack instead of commencing them.
So make sure you are ready to do so, having backup troops increase your chances of winning and higher lv building gave your resource and troops protection from being stolen and killed by the enemies. Buff like false army and anti scout make your opponents think twice before attacking you as they don’t know the actual numbers of troops you are holding in your city.
After you understand the basic of offense and defense, I will provide you with strategy you can exploit to attack and defend yourself from the enemies. This strategy can be used on a single enemy and some of them can be used during hive raiding.
-The Back Attack
This strategy is perfect for attacking someone with higher might than you. It can be used to attack a single enemy or hive raiding. It is also rather easy to be executed. The idea is to exploit the timing when your opponent send their troops to attack. This will leave their city unguarded by any troops. You can use this moment to execute an attack to them. Make sure you already have a rough idea of how many troops they had beforehand so that you can execute this strategy perfectly. If you think they still have backup troops or some troops left behind don’t be shy to start with a scout first. Its always better to be careful rather than to be sorry.
-The Stalker
This strategy is made to ensure you land the attack of prevent  the enemy from shielding and teleporting away. It can be used to attack a single enemy or hive raiding. The idea of this strategy is to wait for your opponent to scout or commence an attack against someone. This step is done far away from their location so that they don’t expect any of this coming to hit their face. After scouting and attacking there is a system in game called battlespace which make player unable to shield themselves. This is the chance for you to teleport in right beside them and attack them with all you have got. Your opponent wont be able to dodge this as teleporting make your troops arrive immediately to their new coordinates allowing you to follow them wherever they are. This strategy usually used to plan an attack on elusive enemy or some player with ridiculous amount of resources.
-The Honey Trap
This strategy is made to charm your enemy to attack you. It is usually used during hive raiding but can also be used to destroy a single enemy. To execute this strategy you need a guild which can provide you with maximum numbers of high tier troops that you can hold within your embassy. Activate the antiscout and send a full wave of weakest tier troops to your enemy. They will think that your city is full of this crap and attack with all of their might. This is where things goes wrong as your high tier troops are already waiting to destroy them. This strategy works best with player with low might as people will suspect less from them. After the attacking player’s troops got destroyed, its now your turn to raid their city for resources. This strategy is best used during hive raiding as this will cause the enemy troops to die making it easier for you to win the raid. As all of you already knew unlike defending troops, attacking troops always die when they are killed.
-The Multi Attack
This strategy is made to confuse your enemy and is best used during hive raiding. The idea is to sent a couple wave of attack with only 1 troops and one wave with the actual troops to your enemies. The wave with 1 troop will act as a decoy as you sent the actual wave to the enemy you wanted to kill. You can always check the enemy’s amount of troops but only if you have enough lv of the building, which is usually ignored by people. This strategy is perfect for hive raiding as you can actually target a lot of enemies and people usually don’t communicate with each other if they got attacked. They will protect themselves first ignoring the actual wave you sent to their friends. Make sure the range of attack is near as this strategy work best with swift attacks.
-The Squad
This strategy is made to ensure the success of a hive raid. It can also be used to attack a single enemy. You need a team of 5 until 10 people to execute this strategy. The idea is to form 2 squad from the team called the offense and backup squad. After that, teleport to the point you want to raid and make sure you are right beside each other in a line of 3 or 4. The idea of this strategy is to quickly dispose of an enemy with higher might or high amount of resources as fast as you can without fear of getting pummeled back. To execute this strategy you just need to have the offense squad attack the target while the backup squad send troops to any of the member of offense squad which is currently getting attacked. Keep in mind that for this to work perfectly the backup squad need to shield themselves so that they wont get attacked and just in case things goes wrong the offense squad can save their troops by sending them into the backup troops city before the battlespace debuff is gone. I will give you the example for the best formation for using this strategy.
Xxxxx            xxxx      xxx          xxxx   The perfect position is to have each other back side by side so things can
xxxxx         xxxxxx      xxx         xxxx   progress swift and accurately
                                 xxxx           xx
Now, I will give you some strategy on how to defend yourself from enemy’s attack without shielding
-Start an assembly with max hour on a weak enemy within the world map. This will ensure your troops to be safe even if you are not around as they cant be attacked.
-Hide your troops and hero in the sanctuary as they also gave the same protection as the assembly.
-Send your troops to guild mates with shield on and have them send them back to you after you are online.
Finally, to end it I will give tips for you newbie player so you can catch up with the other players.
-Use your energy to get heroes shard
-Join a guild as fast as you can to exploit the facilities
-Level up your character
-Spent the speedup item for troops OR building, not both of them
-always check the merchant and use the atelier
-Find some easy target to raid on world map. (low might with high resources)
-Upgrade the building needed to lv up your castle. Ignore the others
-Get t2 as fast as you can as they will be your core for a while
-Aim for t3 after you get t2 with those points as your daily activities.
I think that’s about it for now. Thank you for reading and until the next guide!!!!


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