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[Chat(Android)] Unbelievable cost of T4

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Posted on 2019-04-15 15:38:14 | Show thread starter's posts only

Everyone who has T4 troops in this game knows that its not possible to keep these T4 troops going. The inhumane cost of making T4 troops and healing them is simply not possible for anyone. Currently one batch of 30k T4 cost you arounf 120Mill food which is simply crazy. If IGG wants people to keep coming back for this game again and again just like lords mobile, they have to do some serious cost cutting procedures on this phase otherwise they are going to loose people`s interest in it

Posted on 2019-04-15 16:12:25 | Show thread starter's posts only

I agree, the price of T4 is high and it takes a lot of time to even unlock those. I wouldnt still say, that people will lose interest on mobile royale just based on the high cost of T4. 

I would personally still make T3, even if I would have unlocked T4. Just because T3 seems to be best value for your resources.

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Posted on 2019-04-16 07:03:18 | Show thread starter's posts only


You cant go for fort wars with just T3. You definitely need T4 for that. and you know when you go for fort wars, tons and tons of troops die and wounded so imagine the amount of resources you will need to go for fort wars. 

I have T4 troops but i lost all my bank bags just like that in order to keep them afloat.

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You have always option to skip fort war, if you cant afford to heal your troops. If you have time, you could also make alt account for food hypering.

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Posted on 2019-04-16 12:57:37 | Show thread starter's posts only

Wow. Then what good are you for your guild. This is a war game so no guild will appreciate a player who has the capability to change the outcome of the battle but still decides to chicken out. No wonder GL is not able to win the fort wars even being the second biggest guild in the game

Posted on 2019-04-16 12:58:35 | Show thread starter's posts only

I haven't reached this level yet but its good to know.  All the less developed players hunger to reach T4 as they see this a the promise land to not feel as exposed when on the map.  BUt if the cost is that high its almost impossible to play the game with out spending money for gems and speed ups because the harvesting or waiting for production will take way way to long and while your waiting you are exposed.  There has to be some more cost effective alternatives ingeneral.  I know the game is intended to be fun but make money but people shouldn't have to pay 100s of dollars a week to avoid 60 day production times.  Just my opinion.

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Posted on 2019-04-16 14:01:26 | Show thread starter's posts only

Previously, I had been ultra zeroed.

Meaning, all my t3 troops were in hospital and I had no liquid rss and no rss in my bags.

It took me a week of playing non-stop to heal 200k t3 troops.

If T4 is more time consuming and rss intensive, this could be a game breaker and cause permanent ragequits.

To be fair, I do not have T4 yet and I do not know the cost in time or rss to heal them.

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Posted on 2019-04-17 07:20:27 | Show thread starter's posts only

Below is the exact cost of making a batch of 30k T4

120 Mill Food
50 Mill Wood
50 Mill Stone
20 Mill gold

That means you will need 4 billion food, 1.6 billion wood , 1.6 billion stone and about 700 mill worth of gold to make 1 million T4. and be prepared to spend almost one third of that cost if you are going for a fort wars, because you will loose troops alot so healing T4 and making new one will be a nightmare.

Posted on 2019-06-26 21:35:04 | Show thread starter's posts only

hi. so i think, high costs of t4 is not that bad, as you think.
you can reach over 24m/h food production, or 1.4m/h gold production ( imagine a guild with 150 members, and all of those members are hypers of 1 special rss)
so if you have some banks in your guild, and lots of hypers, you can have billions and billions of rss every day.
in our guild unlocks almost every 2 weeks a new member his t4 troops. we help us to grow, if someone needs rss, he gets it. you can produce much more rss in MR as in LM.
even if you go self sustaining (while you are f2p, or you are in a small guild), producing all rss you need, you can reach a good rss production, where you never run out of rss.
being in a big, fighting guild needs lots of hypers. at lower lvl as alt accs in main guild, in higher lvl (at least half of the guild has t4) as an alt guild, with lots of banks and hypers, wich produces and stores rss until fort wars and co.
hope you can understand what i mean.


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