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[Guild] K17 Might Dwarves now recruiting!

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Posted on 2019-05-19 04:13:13 | Show thread starter's posts only

Dwarves are always needed in any kingdom. We keep the gold coming while knocking over a few skulls! 
All are welcome, but once you’re in. You are a dwarf. With that comes responsibility.

->Throne Guards: Defenders of the throne room, the most elite warriors we manufactured. These tough dwarfs
have proven loyalty to the chair. Being the champions we dare to become!
->Grey Beards: Another row of fine warriors, though their long grey beards are not just for show. 
These dwarves are the wises of us all. Helpful when out thinking our enemies, but most importantly. 
They pass on what knowledge they can to the struggling few.
-> Iron Guards: Not to be dwarfed by the other roles. These hard-headed folk never leave home without 
a piece of iron strapped to their belt. Never scared of a fight! These Dwarfs tend to be a little harder to control. 
-> Miners: We can not have a kingdom without Miners! These dwarves are the foundation to our army, without them. 
Their are no Iron guards, Grey Beards, or Throne guards! Miners are the blood for this army.

Everyone has a role and it will be played well.


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