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[Bug] Crystal Awards in Arena BUG

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Posted on 2019-11-04 09:27:40 | Show thread starter's posts only

I’m writing so someone can address the crystal awards for the arena bug.  I’m calling it a bug because players never received notification that the crystal rewards would be cut in half.

Let’s face it, skill has nothing to do with advancing in this game it’s pay to play and we all accept that.  However there are a few ways for free players to survive in this landscape by receiving crystals without paying and Arena is a major way to do that.  You are now forcing players to leave.

I would like a confirmation from a igg that the player rewards of crystals for Arena was reduced.   I would like to know why but if I can’t know why at least igg can be professional and respect it’s players and confirm that it’s reduced if this is not a bug.

I see the admins in this forum are very attentive and they are constantly responding to messages.  Please don’t pick and choose to ignore this one.

Thank you

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Posted on 2019-11-04 11:02:56 | Show thread starter's posts only

I’m not an admin, but what seems to have happened is they reallocated the Division Gem rewards to the Monthly Card section.  I’m hoping this is a bug as well since this is slap to the face of Free to play customers.


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